About Us

Hello my name is Alec Bell, Kiwi-RE is a small company I formed in 2001, it is based in Auckland New Zealand. I specialise in the modification, service and support of all rotary and performance vehicles. I modify many makes and models and have achieved many successes in my motorsport endeavours over the years competing in the Japanese  Grand Touring Car Championship, Japan N1 Championship, NZ Transam Championship, NZ Rally Championship, NZ Targa, Australian Super Tourer Championship with BMW, Nations Cup with GT3 Porsches, Australian Sport Sedan Championship, Australian Club Car Championship, Australian GTP Championship, USA Pro Import Championship, and many more cars and engines in a huge variety of championships around the world.

This Web Site has been designed to show case my customer cars and my experience and expertise, as well as give you an indication of my attention to detail and workmanship. a large customer base around the world with customers in Australia, England, USA, Puerto Rico, South Africa, Japan, Canada, and of course here in New Zealand.

I gained valuable experience as a Rotary engineer in Japan where I was Chief Engineer to the Okura Rotary Race Team in the JGTC in which we had New Zealand's Mark Porter and Japan's very Famous factory race driver Yoshima Katayama as drivers. Katayama Racing introduced me to another level of engine building and he shared his own experience with me, that was invaluable,  I gained a lot of knowledge in tuning and engine building, car set up and chassis engineering through him. It is something I can use on every race car I build and run at the race track.

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