Kiwi-RE Cars

Here is just a look at some of our customer cars and thanks to our customers for allowing us to show there cars off.


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Kiwi-RE Rx7

New Zealands fastest Untubbed Rotary 2006 and fastest 13B. This car in road trim has run 9.2@148mph. We have fitted a g,force 5 speed and bought the car into line with the weight which allows us to be 250kg,s lighter than what it was last time it raced in Sport Mod.

We now have fitted a Half Chassis to the rear of the car and ran a 8.9@156mph in her first pass. We will develop it further to bring down the times. We have now fitted larger rear tyres 32/16x15 and fitted our 3 Rotor PP turbo engine.

In our first 3 Race meetings we have Taken the RX7 to New Zealands fastest Rotary!!. 8.41 @ 159. We are now upgrading the Chassis to handle the extra power we are developing and are looking at going 7 seconds next season. Watch this Space.


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