At KIWI-RE, we pride ourselves with our fabrication excellence. There is more to fabrication than just making parts, there is a lot of experiance that goes into making the parts work properly.
No job is to big or to small. It can be very difficult to manufacture parts for cars if we do not have the car in our shop as most fabrication we do is one off, but please let us know how we can help.

Exhaust Manifolds
This is a custom exhaust manifold to run two GT30/40 Garret turbos in a JC 3 rotor cosmo a very tricky manifold due to room between the engine and inner guard. We fabricate all our own manifolds whether

it is a turbo manifold or for normally aspirated exhaust manifold.. Lengths and size are critical for any manifold to work properly.

Intake Systems
From an airbox to a full fabricated intake system, each part needs to be built to suit the application. The design is critical to allow the engine to work properly or you can lose power and cause unseen problems.

Cross member
This is a series 1,2,3 RX7 cross member. We fitted a rack and pinion to this cross member and it is currently running in the NZ endurance championship in a group C RX7
Differential Upgrade/modification
We can build from scratch or modify/strengthen your existing differential for any application.
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