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PTS Performance Tested Seals

Worlds No 1 Performance Apex Seal

As used in the world's fastest rotarys

Guaranteed not to break in your engine

Do you push your vehicle to it’s maximum capacity and want to gain a huge competitive advantage against your rivals? Are you tired of replacing apex seals in your engine that cause damage to parts such as rotor housings, rotors and turbos during engine failure?

Performance Tested Seals (PTS) have developed a product especially for you that are guaranteed not to break in an engine, giving you an advantage over other racers.

Many of the worlds top rotary engine drivers are already using these apex seals with proven competitive advantage.

Performance Tested Seals have been formed through years of racing, developed for rotary engine racers by rotary engine drivers.

These unique apex seals were developed to take engine reliability to the next level.

PTS seals have been subjected to extreme levels of punishment during testing to ensure reliability during racing conditions and have withstood high boost and high RPM.

Performance Tested Seals have designed apex seals in 2mm and 3mm for 12a, 13b and 20b rotary engines.

These seals are proven performers.

So if you are serious about your racing, get the same advantage others are already getting!!!

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